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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


For those who are curious where I went...My computer, at long last, has totally kicked the bucket. It powers on, and the fans work, but there's no video output, no beeps, no POST, nothing; after a minute or so it just turns off again. I will either be buying a new one today or orderig a new one, not sure which route to go. But it will probably be awhile longer before I am back to blogging...of course, since you are all subscribed to my RSS feed, there's no need to keep checking here, right? :-P


Matthew said...

Hmmm, surely this does not prevent you from using a Game Boy for Runes of Virtue?

I call foul, slacker! :p

Unknown said...

Waiting for you :)

chrswyatt said...

please master, show us thy ways!