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Friday, October 12, 2007

Serpent Isle is long!

Just in case you're wondering where I went...I've been doing something akin to a (slower-paced) Serpent Isle marathon, but after day 8 I'm still in my first visit to Moonshade! I had forgotten how long this game can take. My plan was to get past the Gorlab swamp, then stop playing and do a "blog marathon"...So I'll still do that, but getting there is taking longer than I remembered :-P

So I'm not "stalled" as one person commented. I still aim to finish the game & blogging by the end of October; then I'll do U8 in November, and U9 in December and January, squeezing the second ROV game in somewhere.

Incidentally, I promised something "special" a while back after I finished Ultima VII...and it never happened. That was going to be an amusing and brief play-through of "Ultimuh," a ridiculous parody(?) of the series. However, the game refuses to play in or out of DOSBox, so I'm afraid that won't be happening :-(

Back to gaming...For the record, I am trying to buy all the spells and I am waiting for my mana to recharge so I can cast False Coin a dozen more times or so...


Clarco said...

Never fear, we are patient and understanding :)

Keep up the good writing, it is a good read!

Anonymous said...

I've just finished Black Gate for the first time, finally, after, when had it been released, 14 years? Wow. The ending is VERY short, but I love the game.

I have holidays next week and I'll dedicate them to the first part of the Unterworld series - The Stygian Abyss.