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Friday, February 19, 2010


A commenter recently asked if this blog was defunct. I guess there's two answers:

1. Yes, because the stated objective was completed long ago. Consequently, there is nothing compelling me to come back and add posts.

2. No, because I remain alive and periodically have the urge to do Ultima-related stuff. See the replay of Underworld.

I hope my non-answer was useful :-) I have some other possible blog topics I could do. I tried doing one on the books I have been reading, for example, but it proved too time consuming and too reminiscent of schoolwork.

I do need to go in and delete all the spam comments on this blog, though. SO there's at least one more thing to do!


Unknown said...

You could review the Ultima novels... (Have you ever tried reading those? It's tough.)

Bodach said...

(aforementioned 'defunct' commenter here)

Great! I love this blog and have been following it for years. I guess I just felt disappointed that it hadn't been updated in months because you are an excellent writer and I apprectiate your insights into these games.

I know lots of people have mentioned it already and your responses gave the impression that you weren't very keen, BUT, have you considered playing and blogging Ultima V: Lazarus lately?

Gooberslot said...

The blog isn't complete until you've played Lazarus.

Handshakes said...

Well, whatever you end up doing, I'll be reading. I really enjoyed your Ultima blog-throughs, as well as your numerous insights on game design and story telling within the Ultima series.

Just sayin'.

Peter Theophilus-Bevis said...

Hi! Thought I'd mention here that based on how much I enjoyed "Blogging Ultima" I have started "Blogging Albion" - that's just one game, so much less ambitious - but I thought you might like to hear about other blogs DIRECTLY inspired by this one!

Andre said...

can i get you email address somehow? i'd like to tell you my story sometime. enjoyed reading you very much.

CRPG Addict said...

CageBlogger, I want you to know your legacy lives on over at:


I'm going through EVERY CRPG, in chronological order, including the Ultima series. I read your blog after I had made my posts on Ultima I and Ultima II, and I was surprised how much of the same things we found notable. Anyway, I gave you a tip of the hat in tonight's posting.

Philipp said...

Having two blogs out there -- nothing special at all. But having two completed Blogs, that is something you can be proud of!

Thanks for all the great reading and have fun at last with the Britannian crossbow.