Ophidian Dragon blogs his way through the entire Ultima series, from beginning to end.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


FYI, I am still alive! But as you may guess I am preoccupied with other projects, mostly musical. Someone said the first days of U1 and U8 were messed up, but I don't have any trouble viewing them on other machines when I am not logged in. The probability of a Blogging Zelda is nil, but I will probably play that U5 remake one day when I feel inspired to play games.

So I did a pretty good job of updating this thing when my goal was to finish all the games in a year. I have done a less than inspiring job of writing my "final thoughts." Perhaps that is because I lack a goal. Therefore, all my Ultima final thought postings on the final eight games will be posted by the end of May. They will probably be combined posts for the Underworlds with a brief note for the Runes of Virtue games. Then I will write individual comments on the other four games; Black Gate and Serpent Isle will have brief notes concerning their respective add-on games. Faithful readers are welcome to take a "I'll believe it when I see it!" view of this plan.

Then I need to post photos of the lovely crossbow Lord British kindly had Iolo create for me! And maybe some photos of myself if I go to the RenFair this year. After that I have no idea what to do with this blog...I'm a bit sad that I don't think any of the blog-the-whole-game-series efforts finished. The other Ultima guy gave up, and I think the Zelda and the Dragon Warrior blogs died out, too.

An idea for someone else who, like me, is cheap and who hasn't kept track of gaming since the mid-90s and wants to create a blog...write a collection of game reviews of PC games released 10 years ago, as if they were released today. To my mind, they'd be as fun as "new" games because they are "new to you," and they would have the advantage of playing great on recent PCs and incorporating every patch made over the past decade, so you would see each game in the best light possible! Well, there's probably some that won't run correctly...but I bet there's workarounds. If U9 works, surely everything else does...