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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Loose Ends, Serpent Isle

So it's been two weeks since I finished Underworld II, and about four days since I first planned to start Serpent Isle. I've had a ridiculous problem, however, in that I come home from work around 6:00, eat dinner, and then invariably fall asleep on the couch or a chair until 9:45 or so! Thus I wake up and barely have enough time to do my handful of chores before I go to bed :-P


I feel I was somewhat less thorough in my playing of Underworld II than I usually have been with the other games, or at least I was less thorough in my blogging. I think this is because of the marathon schedule, where I was posting a blog about several days' worth of adventuring. Also, the lack of posted screenshots was a bit of a problem. I'll also grant that UW1 and UW2 have been hard to blog about because their world is less detailed than those of the other games, at least in terms of things to do like the ability to bake bread or build stacks of crates to climb onto walls, etc.

I'm going to seek to rectify the situation with Serpent Isle. I WILL keep to a marathon schedule when I finally start playing, but I will only blog about one day at a time--so even if I finish the game in two weeks of marathon sessions, I'll have material for perhaps four weeks worth of blogs, one every few days. I think writing about two days at a time made the Underworld II blogs less fun to read. The slower pace of posting for Serpent Isle will also mean it will be easier to format and include screenshots, which are highly essential this time!

I will also use the following theme in my discussion of Serpent Isle--In what ways does the game enhance, reference, and/or ignore the history of the series, specifically in reference to the continent as it was portrayed in Ultima I? Serpent Isle is a great game in no small part due to its awareness of its own history, and there will be a whole lot to say about the topic!

The quest shall begin shortly!


RazorBlade79 said...

*grabs popcorn*

Yay, finally my favourite Ultima! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of the changes in your blog. Serpent Isle is my favorite Ultima so I am looking forward to your upcoming blogs.

Anonymous said...

He's alive!


I always found SI the most tedious of all Ultimas (except perhaps the magic system of U8) and the most "religious".
However, I'm very anxious to see how you'll blog it in October...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great changes! Keep those posts coming, we love them :)