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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I've decided it would be amusing to write haiku for each day playing each game, describing my accomplishments, or lack thereof. Here's some for the early games:

British is stingy
The thieves steal out of my hands!
Then I starve to death
Amulets are key
Lizard man kills everything
Gremlins? Still tough

Dungeons give hit points
Stealing from shops gives weapons
All that's left is quests
Signposts and monsters
And lonely jailed princesses
Can all raise my stats
I am a space ace
Now the princess likes me more
(Mondain likes me less)

Ultima II:
British: Still stingy
The ride-thru guy hates me now
My boat slaughters all
While exploring space
A mass of jesters killed me
But I got the ring
DIE FOOL she tells me,

Escape from Mt. Drash:
The gremlins: so cute!
The mazes: pretty easy
The game: just awful

UW, two days worth, tomorrow. Due to haiku, my thoughts are short. Sleep time.

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